September 21, 2014 #141 - Vanguard Binoculars

A month ago I ordered new binoculars to replace my old Nikon Mariners.  I have had this pair of 7x50's for many years and as I wrote in Post #132 about a year and half  ago upgraded to Oberwerk's triplet objectives 20x80's. I have been reminded, when clouds rushed in that it was great to walk out and check the sky with something a little lighter. Or, when you don't feel like dragging out tripods and equipment for a quick look at the night sky.

After a search of the currently available units I settled upon the Vanguard 10x50 Spirit ED Binoculars. They were having a good sale and also a $50 mail in rebate. All the reviews were good, they had a good guarantee, the rubber lens caps were attached and hang down out of the way and  cannot be lost in the dark, and they came with an excellent case that rides on your chest with a front opening zipper. Occasionally  I like to ride a bike to a more open sky and they ride well on your chest without banging about.

Optically they are as good as I have ever seen. The other night Saturn's rings were crisp and clear. I have been following Comet Jacques over the last month and stars are pinpoint sharp, Messier Objects are very distinct, and internal reflections are very well controlled by the optical lens coatings.

If you are in the market for a good general purpose binocular you won't do better unless you spend hundreds of dollars more.


Clear Sky - Rich