January 29, 2013 #129 - On the Road Again

This is my first post in a long time. The last year and a half have gone to take care of family needs. Recently my wife and I have returned to traveling in our RV for a third year. I have a new Celestron 9.25 HD on a CGEM DX mount to use on the road. I must say that this setup is way beyond anything I ever dreamed of using as a boy. The optics are superb and having a GOTO mount is a real treat after 60 years of star hopping while contorting the body in directions it was not designed to bend!

We are now in the hill country west of Austin, TX. The skies are clear and dark and the weather has been mild making for enjoyable observing sessions. Recently I have been observing Jupiter and a few days ago, it's lunar conjunction. The far southern sky has also been a treat but thus far I'm still hoping to add the Centauri  Globular Cluster to my log. February brings it to it highest point in the southern sky and lets hope the weather cooperates.

I'm attaching some recent photos for your enjoyment. Will try to update the blog as the internet becomes available in our western travels.

Clear Sky - Rich

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