July 27, 2008 #010 - Maksutov, Questar

In the 1960's and 70's the Questar maksutov was the top of the line. The advertisement in Sky & Telescope was on the back of the cover and I lingered there a long while. I could dream but never actually think of purchasing one. As I reached my twenties I could have possibly purchased a 3 1/2 inch model but by that time the 7 inch came out. Not in my wildest thoughts could my paycheck stretch to those heights. Then I got a look through a 12 inch reflector and all thoughts of Questar left me as aperture fever struck. The cost of the Questar did not stop me from collecting catalogs. Each year I would write to New Hope, Pennsylvania and spend the $2 for the catalog. When they arrived they were a sight to behold, color pictures of and through the scope. I still treasure many of these and keep them in my files. I have scanned a page from the first I sent for in 1960 and a four page brochure from 1973. No color pictures but interesting information.

Clear Sky - Rich

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