July 28, 2008 #011 – First Telescope, Edmund Scientific

I remember the first telescope I ever laid eyes on. It was high on a bookcase near the window ledge in my kindergarten classroom in 1951. It was a beautiful brass telescope that gleamed in the morning sun. It was about two feet long and had a brass tripod a foot tall. It was never taken down or used as far as I could tell but it fulfilled it's purpose, it inspired a boy for the rest of his life.

The second telescope I saw was at a boy scout camp. My father was a scout master and we were at summer camp in 1955. A scout from another troop set up a 6 inch reflector in a field. I went out to the field in the evening and saw my first home made telescope. He gave me a copy of Sky & Telescope Magazine. This was a wonder I had not known existed, an astronomy monthly. I still have it in my files and take it out once in a while to try and regain those feelings of boyhood discovery.

Edmund Scientific was prominently featured in the magazine advertisements. After many subtle hints I received my first telescope, an Edmund 3 inch reflector, purchased for me by my parents for $29.95 and set up by the Christmas tree.

Clear Sky - Rich

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