October 29, 2008 #052 – Maksutov Modification

My Apex 127 Maksutov has been an excellent scope. Earlier this year I mounted it on a new William's Optics EZ mount. The addition of some mounting hardware from ADM produced a first class setup. After putting it through it's paces for a while using my 1.25” eyepieces I began to wonder if it was possible to use my University Optics F30mm - 2” eyepiece. After searching the groups for posts on this subject I received mixed signals. I decided to pick up an SCT Schmidt Adapter and a 2” GSO - SCT Diagonal from ScopeStuff. The GSO Diagonal has unbelievable quality. The quartz mirror is advertised as 1/12 wave with a 99% reflectivity dialectic coating. If it didn't work for the 2” the setup would raise the observational quality of my 1.25” eyepiece use, I reasoned!

Everything fit and worked great. I can detect no vignetting. Stars are pinpoint sharp and the Mak provides a very dark background. I can hear someone say, “Mak's are for higher power!” Yes but, this combo gives excellent views of globular clusters and low power views of the moon and brighter planets. My 1.25” eyepieces still provide that power boost. I have a Clave 30mm and Clave Barlow along with a couple of University Optics Konig's that brings the best out in the small scope at higher magnification.

The bottom line is that it works on my 127 and adds enjoyment to the hobby. What more could we ask for!

Clear Sky - Rich

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Anonymous said...

I just love my 127mm mak,it`s a great little scope.BTW,i really enjoyed your blog.It was a fun read.I hope you continue to share.Thanks.Clear skies!Regards from Norway.