October 6, 2008 #046 - Vacation Odyssey Episode 1

My wife and I left on vacation in early September. We were bound for Denver, CO to celebrate our only granddaughter's first birthday. This trip was kind of a first for us as we have always traveled in a pickup camper and later a motor home. Economic conditions being what they are, we decided that a tent might be more our style.

We have a Jeep TJ and behind it an old military trailer in which we packed all the Stuff. You can bet my telescope found it's way in! I was itching to see some western skies. We headed out US 136. Traveling has always been a treat for us. We like to see small towns on the back roads and take our time. Interstate roads are for trips home as we always stay gone to the last minute. We crossed the Mississippi River at Keokuk and headed west across Missouri and Nebraska.

We really got into this tent camping. It took a couple of nights to work out the system, I having camped but my wife is new to a tent. By the second night we had it down pat and began enjoying the new life style. When we hit Nebraska the skies were getting much darker and trees were becoming few and far between.

Picture of our setup.

Clear and Open Sky - Rich

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