June 4, 2009 #070 - A New Page

It has been several months since I last added to my Blog. Change has come to our life as my wife and I have been preparing to retire. It sounds great but it is amazing the amount of preparation required to get from there to here. My advise to anyone planning to pull up roots: Simplify as early as you can! It is amazing the stuff you accumulate! Getting rid of books that were old friends, for me, is like pulling teeth. I have never thrown a Sky and Telescope or Astronomy Magazine away. How can one get rid of the first edition of Astronomy followed by a hundred pounds of wonderful issues? My earliest S&T's date back to the 50's. Every one is filled with articles too valuable to lose, though I've read them a hundred times! How will I fit all those telescopes in a motor home? I guess we will get through it, but does anyone have a cure for a Pack Rat?

Clear Sky - Rich

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