September 2, 2009 #071 - Meteor

We are sitting watching the moon and Jupiter rise out of Lake Superior on this beautiful Wisconsin evening. As we looked across the lake a meteor as bright as Jupiter falls north of the moon almost directly down towards the water. The color was a pale yellow until it neared the surface when there was a marked deceleration and the color turned bright sparkling silver. At the very lowest point, almost at the surface of the lake from our perspective, it dimmed and slowly lost its brightness, at it terminus it looked as if there was a trail of smoke like debris.

I spent several days watching meteors in the Perseid Shower period last month. On the peak evening I saw almost 90 per hour and half a dozen sporadic meteors before the moon became too bright. During the clear night a couple of days later there were still a few that were bright enough to be seen in the moon light.

Looking south I am reminded, as Scorpius sets, Sagittarius is at mid sky, and Orion makes an after midnight appearance, that winter again approaches. We are adjusting to retirement but why has the clock speeded up?

Clear Sky - Rich

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