September 24, 2009 #077 - Clavé Eyepieces

During a recent Internet walkabout on the Australian astronomy sites I got a real shock. In Victoria, the owner of "Astronomy Alive", Cris Ellis is still offering Clavé eyepieces. The site shows f5mm, 6mm, 8mm, in 1.25"and 35mm in 2". In stock. I sure wouldn't think that he has very many as they have not been made, as far as I can determine, for years.

I have been using a Clavé 30mm and Clavé Barlow since the late 70's. I thought that the only way to pick any up were as they become available at infrequent personal sales. I would never give up mine as the quality of images they bring out on every scope I have had has been outstanding. I must admit that I have not used any of the new super lenses from Al Nagler. I can't seem to get past the fact that they cost more to purchase than I ever spent on a scope save for my 12.5" reflector.

By the way the French Company Clavé is still in business. They sell telescopes but do not mention the brand of eyepieces that they come with.

Clear Sky - Rich

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