September 25, 2009 #078 - Arkaroola Observatory

Another stop on my Internet Aussie Walkabout was the Arkaroola Wilderness Area where there is an excellent observing site with lots of facilities for the southern hemisphere observer. What first caught my eye was the roll off roof observatory with three observing chairs that can be used to scan with binoculars. They mention that there can be large temperature variations from day to night. If you look closely at the pictures you will see a lot of reflective foil insulation to ward off daytime heat. Their list of available equipment is impressive. I have always been interested in mobile observing chairs since I first read Leslie Peltier's article on his Merry-Go -Round Chair in Sky & Telescope back in the 70's.

Surf around and you will discover a lot of interesting Australian Astronomy links. It's fun to "Walk-A-Bout".

Clear Sky - Rich

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