August 15, 2008 #029 - Unitron Telescope

Back in Post #016 I scanned and posted a Unitron Telescope components catalog from the early 70's. Today I'll begin posting the 1972 telescope lineup. These scopes were top of the line, with excellent optics and machining. I still have my late 60's model 124 Unitron with equatorial mount that I purchased when I was a youngster. It still produces excellent images. Although sky conditions have really deteriorated today, back when I first began using it, I was able to ferret out many faint galaxies even though it had a small aperture and was an f/15. The 4", 5", and 6" models, with mechanical clock drives, were the cream at the top of the milk bottle. The 6" cost what my father made in a year, at that time.

Clear Sky - Rich

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I did not notice this earlier. I have the 1956 and 1979 Unitron Catalogs. The 1956 Catalog is much better than the 1979. By 1979 Unitron Telescopes attempted a comeback to the glory days. The world had changed by then.