August 23, 2008 #037 - Sunspot Observation

After yesterdays post a memory surfaced that I had recorded sunspot observations in the past, so I did a search of my files. (Sounds great "FILES") Actually card board boxes of papers with no order at all. I found a page of notes and drawings from May 3 & 11, 1968. It's amazing what the brain retains that can be unlocked with a little nudge. As I looked at them I could see those days 40 years ago. The brilliant blue sky after a rain washed it clean. The seeds of willows and cottonwoods drifting on the wind, shinning in the sunlight high in the sky as they traveled to new places to find a home.

I would set up my Unitron 2.4 in the yard, cap the end with a cover having a one inch stop and attach the projection unit. It was easier to see the projection if a canvas was placed over the observer while sitting in a lawn chair looking back at the screen. It could get mighty hot in there out on a sunny day.

As I would watch the image and sketch, an occasional turn of the slow motion drive cable would turn a worm gear to center the image as it would drift off the screen. I have scanned the page for the blog. They were in color but the years have faded the images and it took some contrast enhancement to make them readable. When you think about it is not much different from today's digital astronomy.

Clear Sky - Rich

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