August 7, 2008 #021 - Amateur Telescope Makers

In 1975 I began looking for a little more light gathering power than my Unitron 2.4". After a lot of reading I decided to make my own mirror. I bought a 6" mirror making kit and began grinding then polishing the glass. My efforts at a satisfactory mirror were let's just say not good. At that age it was kind of a deep wound. After some soul searching I decided to have it professionally re-figured. It was completed in a few weeks and arrived with a fresh coat of aluminum.

I set about building the tube and mount and in a short time was out under the stars. I used this scope for several years. Then I totally rebuilt it with a Dobsonian mount and passed it on to my brother. I continued using my Unitron until once again I caught aperture fever. I dreamed of building a 12.5 inch wide field reflector. The planning began.

Clear Sky - Rich

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