March 12, 2013 #133 - Comet Pan-Starrs

I have been watching Comet Pan-Starr for the last three nights from the Hill Country of Texas near Lost Maples State Park. Tonight I was able to snag a decent digital shot in B/W. This was shot with a Canon T1i with a 75-300 mm lens at ASA400/8 sec/F5. Have been observing with my Oberwerks 20x80 D3 Binoculars and Apex 127 Maksutov. The comet is hard to pick up with the naked eye but the thin crescent moon was a good guide tonight.

Over the last two nights the Gegenschein has been very prominent. It stretches from horizon to the  Seven Sisters and is brighter than the Milky Way. Stars are faded within it's cone very noticeably.

Clear Sky - Rich

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