March 31, 2013 #136 - McDonald Observatory, Ft. Davis, TX

This evening we sat on a mountain top at Ft. Davis to watch the sunset. McDonald Observatory was visible on Mnt. Fowlkes and Mnt. Locke, about 20 miles west of us. I set up my 20X80 binoculars on a tripod and watched the domes. Shortly after sunset the staff  began opening the domes to prepare for a night of research. I watched as the process progressed with great interest as this was the first time I have seen them in action.

I took several digital shots through my Canon T1i with a 300mm lens of the HET Dome and the 107 inch Dome. Considering the distance I was pleased with the results. I am attaching four for you, to show what I observed. Hope you enjoy them.

55mm shot of the Observatory distance 20 mi.

 300mm shot of Dome closed on Mnt. Fowlkes distance 20 mi. at 6659 ft.

  300mm shot of Dome open on Mnt. Fowlkes

300mm shot of Dome open on Mnt.Locke at 6792 ft.

Clear Sky - Rich

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