December 3, 2008 #054 - Cloudy Nights Website

Well, another long period of no time just work is coming to a close. Every year my wife and I look forward to the end of the October to mid December portion of the year. In my line of work these weeks consist of up at 2:30 AM and to bed by 6:00 PM. We look forward to the Christmas and New Years Holiday and a normal life again. There is one consolation for early rising each day in the winter. The predawn skies are spectacular, even if the telescope must stay at home. My going to work companion has been Orion.

I have, been following the Astronomical and Space News. What wonders we have seen in the last few weeks. A spectacular meteor fall over Canada, pictures of not one but several planets around other star systems, the polar lander holding on much longer than anyone thought it would, finally freezing in the cold dark martian night. Who would ever believe the rovers would still be sending back data from mars and one even hoping to complete a multi-year trek to a new and much larger crater.

I have also been spending time on the Cloudy Nights Astronomy Site. This web area is one of the best places to keep up with the amateur astronomy universe. It is worth your attention, it is moderated to prevent what has happened to sci.astronomy news groups. There is something there for every facet of your astronomical hobby.

Clear Sky - Rich

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