December 9, 2008 #059 - The Sentinel

Yesterday I wrote about the unused original sound track for "2001 A Space Odyssey". If you want to have some fun next time you are out walking across the lunar surface with your telescope, download and play "The Sentinel" by Arthur C. Clarke. This is the original short story, he wrote in 1951, which he expanded for the movie.

It was produced as a radio program for the series named Mind Webs. It is now public domain and can be obtained just for the downloading as an mp3. The production and quality are first class. It is my favorite of the hundreds of old time radio programs available for free on the Internet. If you are like me you will get a thrill as you listen and watch the moon drift across your field of view!

Go to:


Scroll down to:


Download the 6.7 mb file and you can play it with a portable player or computer.

Clear Sky - Rich

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