October 11, 2010 #082 - The Dog that Watches the Sky.

This is our traveling companion Ruby, an English Springer Spaniel. When she was a pup I amused her by moving a laser pointer all over the house for her to chase. Great fun but with lasting consequences. It seems that three years later she has a fondness for solar reflections and the moon. It is amazing but she has figured out that a combination of the sun and reflective objects produce moving sun beams. I have watched her move objects to cause the reflections to move then rushes to follow them. It is an action and reaction which she has figured out.

This is not all, she notices and watches objects in the sky. She will watch planes, from jets leaving contrails, to light planes, the flight of soaring hawks and high flying ravens fascinate her. Leaves and wind blown seeds making their way in the wind draw her notice. She also has a fascination with astronomical objects, and here is where I am most amazed. On our evening walks at dusk she will suddenly spot Venus or the moon. Some dogs and wolves howl at the moon but Ruby is different. She will pause, look at them, and stand on her hind legs, as if to get a closer look! - She's my little astronomer companion.

Clear Sky - Ruby & Rich

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