October 12, 2010 #083 - An interesting sky effect.

My wife and I were on the shore of Lake Superior in September. It was an exceptionally fine day. Warm air and shallow water, warm enough to swim for hours giving us a wonderful day! This warmth only extends out to a depth of a few feet, cold water always lurks below Superiors surface. As a consequence a layer of fog hovers over those deeper waters in a layer, even when the sky is clear and sunny.

You can see this in the picture above. (Click to Enlarge) This photo was taken towards the north where Canada sits about twenty miles away. On Canada's shore and extending inland for several miles, is a hilly area where a giant wind farm has been constructed. The result is that you can see the lake surface, a bank of fog hiding Canada, and the immense wind generators floating on the "Clouds". To me it looks as if a city far away has been built on the clouds.

Clear Sky - Rich

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