October 16, 2010 #087 - The Canals of Mars

A couple of posts back I mentioned the Canals of Mars. In my Google Books search into astronomy another trio of old gems turned up.

In 1921 the book "Mars" was published containing all the papers of importance written by William H. Pickering between 1890 and 1914. Below is a list of the 17 papers presented in the book. My favorite is "Signalling to Mars".

Two other books, I found, are by Percival Lowell. One is entitled "Mars and Its Canals". This was produced in 1906 and in 1915 "Memoirs of the Lowell Observatory - Memoir of a Trans-Neptunian Planet"

I visited the Lowell Observatory, in Flagstaff, Arizona during the early 1970's. In the late 1890's Lowell built the observatory there and did most of his work with the 24" Alvan Clark refractor. Percival Lowell's mausoleum was located on Mars Hill near the Observatory. I remember the observatory shaped structure with a beautiful blue glass dome, a fitting resting place for an avid astronomer. Hope you enjoy these gems.

Thanks! Google for preserving all these treasures. Without your efforts we would never have the chance to read these.

Clear Sky - Rich

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