October 29, 2010 #100 - Alvin Clark & Sons Shop - Part 5

I had only intended to Blog four posts on the Alvin Clark & Sons story, but a couple of nights ago, while I was panning for astronomical gold on Google Books, I found a couple of nuggets in the most unexpected places. In an 1874 publication titled "The Pennsylvania School Journal" Vol. XXII and in an 1875 Weekly publication titled "The Friend - A Religious and Literary Journal". These articles chronicle visits to the Clark optical shop. They describe the shop and steps that the Clark's went through in the manufacture of their crown and flint glass lenses from start to completion.  Based on my earlier searches, I had almost zero hope of ever reading this story. Persistence can pay off in using search engines. I hope you will enjoy these articles. Once again Google Books, thank you, for these gold nuggets.

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("The Pennsylvania School Journal" Vol. XXII" - 1874)

("The Friend - A Religious and Literary Journal" - 1875)

You may have noticed with this post I have reached one hundred entries. When I started Blogging back in July 2008, I did not think that it would be this much fun. I would recommend this type of writing as a way to challenge your mind, it dredged up old memories, taught me a lot by getting me to research my hobby of astronomy, and I have met some very nice people along the way.  What ever your hobby there are lots of people with the same interests, give it a try.

Clear Sky - Rich

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