November 13, 2010 #115 – Interesting Picture taken from Opportunity Rover.

I was checking out the latest pictures from Mars today, as I have been from day one. PIA13592 is a pan of “Intrepid” Crater with those wonderful  crater rim/hills on the horizon, getting closer and closer.

As I panned around, a small rock not far away caught my eye. It looks like one of the ring shaped, cut-ham bones that my Springer, Ruby leaves around after she works out all the marrow. Now you will probably say are you one of those nuts?  No, I’m not, the geology fascinates me but fossils are not one of the things that I think are going to show up. The best I could hope for would be something microscopic from the dawn of the planet. What fascinates me is what fantastic shapes that blowing sand and dust have formed on mars over eons of time. My favorite are the thin strands with the “Blue Berries “ attached to the end, left elevated above the surface. How delicate and other worldly they appear. Just imagine, did you ever think you would see Mars up close, I mean lay on your stomach and look closely! We live in wonderful times.

Pictures from the NASA Mars Rovers Site.

Here is Ruby’s lost dog bone.


Clear Sky - Rich

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