November 4, 2010 #106 – John A. Brashear Optics – Part 2

My historical documents search found a copy of the 1906, “Catalogue – Optical, Physical, Astrophysical and Astronomical Instruments – John A. Brashear CO., LTD. – Allegheny, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.”. If you would like to see the entire 56 pages, it can be found on Google Books as a (pdf) file. It’s interesting to check the cost of good optics in that era, actually not a lot more than fine instruments cost today when you take into account inflation of the currency.

If you like to read old telescope catalogs like I do then here are a few pages for your reading pleasure. (Click to Enlarge)

2010-11-02_2322242010-11-02_2322502010-11-02_2323062010-11-02_2323252010-11-02_2323402010-11-02_2323572010-11-02_2324112010-11-02_2324292010-11-02_2324522010-11-02_2325182010-11-02_2325372010-11-02_2326222010-11-02_232646Clear Sky - Rich

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