November 5, 2010 #107 – John A. Brashear Optics – Part 3

If you looked at Part 1, you will have learned about many of the accomplishment and honors John Brashear received for his astronomical and scientific accomplishments. In this post I would like to include a paper titled, “The Production of Optical Surfaces” he presented to thirty-third meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1885. It described a new method of producing precision optical surfaces, and was a major improvement at this stage of optical production.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, the procurement of optical quality glass was the province of glass makers in Europe. This November, 1909 article in "The Optical Review" addresses this problem.


This December, 1909 article in "The Optical Review" addresses the strides that American Companies were making by this date.

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