November 2, 2010 #104 - Mountains of Saturn's Rings

I continue over the years to download pictures of anything astronomical. You look at amazing data almost on a daily basis until you become a little jaded. So many wonderful vistas appear on your screen from different planets, moons, and other celestial places that we didn't even know existed a short time ago. I will soon be 65 so my eyes have taken in many new sights since the dawn of the space age. My head spins because I want to see it all, but data collection has surpassed, one human beings capacity to keep up. It is possible, as many have done, to look at pictures of mars that no human eye has looked at before in detail. Even scientists can not keep up.

Today, NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute released some new pictures of "Mountains" in the rings of Saturn.

(Click to enlarge)

I found that I was totally overwhelmed. What wonders our children and grandchildren will see! I think Carl Sagan said. "We live at the best time. We are the first to see the beginings of the exploration of the Cosmos." Carl, I would have loved to hear what you would say about this.

Clear Sky - Rich

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