November 7, 2010 #109 – Sinuous meteor trails and the earth has 14 motions.

In post #081, I talked about a meteor that I observed which developed a sinuous trail that lasted for quite a while. Well, as I was continuing my reading of old Astronomical journals an article appeared chronicling a similar occurrence on Oct. 22, 1895, in Grahamtown, Cape Colony, South Africa. It was printed in the 1896, “Popular Astronomy – Vol. III”

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The other short article discusses all the motions of the earth as postulated by Camille Flammarion. It lists 14 then adds two more conjectural motions. This was almost 90 years ago. It’s from the “Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Vol. XV” by editor C.A. Chant. It will give the reader a sense of how far the science of astronomy had advanced at that time. I sure missed a few!


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