November 6, 2010 #108 – Telescopic Meteors and the Witness of A Fall of 15,019 Meteoric Stones from an exploding Aerolite in the 1912.

I’m sure that most amateur astronomers, that have spent any time at the eyepiece of their telescope, have seen a few meteors flash through the field of view. I can recall a few occasions, as a boy, peering through the narrow field of my Unitron 125 that it happened. Each time I would be amazed and think about how low the odds were of this happening. That is until reading this article. It was published in the 1907 “Popular Astronomy – Vol.XV”
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These two short articles caught my eye. It discusses meteors seen during a solar eclipse. Then the second confirms what I have observed, that it probably wasn’t meteors after all. It’s amazing what sun light will illuminate floating in the atmosphere. (See Post #037) The first article is in “Popular Astronomy – Vol. II and the second in Vol. III., 1895 & 96.
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As we are camping in central Colorado I thought I might try and find some records of meteor falls in the region. This one actually raised dust in the desert, like rifle bullets as the fragments hit the ground, all 15,000 of them!! From the 1895 “Popular Astronomy – Vol. II”
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